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The Death of the Environmentalist Movement? -- New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof complained that the environmentalist movement has lost credibility and influence due to "extremism." But in this essay, ecoNOT publisher Robert Bidinotto disagrees, and instead places the blame directly on the core premises of the environmentalist philosophy. [Posted 3/13/05]

News story quotes ecoNOT's Bidinotto blasting the Rainforest Action Network -- A December 22, 2004 news story by Marc Morano of the Cybercast News Service extensively quotes ecoNOT publisher Robert Bidinotto, who blasts the Rainforest Action Network for "shamelessly manipulating children" in its recent anti-corporate propaganda campaigns. Read the whole thing here. [Posted 12/22/04]

EcoNOT publisher joins Capital Research Center--As of August 2004, Robert Bidinotto, publisher of, is the new editor of Organization Trends and Foundation Watch, two monthly publications of the Capital Research Center. CRC is a private watchdog group that monitors the activities of nonprofit advocacy groups and foundations, including environmentalist organizations. The first issues under Bidinotto's editorship include the September 2004 Organization Trends, featuring David Healy's expose of the Natural Resources Defense Council: "NRDC: Biting the Taxpayers Who Feed Them." Bidinotto also co-authored, with Brian Tubbs, the September Foundation Watch lead article on the election-year politics of Hollywood celebrities--including, of course, their environmental activism. [Posted 8/30/04]

Bidinotto in the news: Bush administration funds its 'viro enemies with taxpayer dollars--The August 11, 2004 lead story on CNS, an online news service, quotes ecoNOT publisher Robert Bidinotto about a little-known, yet ironic, fact: Federal government grants to anti-Bush environmentalist organizations have been increasing dramatically during the Bush administration. Bidinotto is quoted in his capacity as editor of two monthly publications of the Capital Research Center, Organization Trends and Foundation Watch, which detail the finances, personnel, and activities of advocacy groups and their funders. The story also was the August 11, 2004 lead article on, a major Web-based news service. [Posted 8/11/04]

ecoNOT article reprinted in Navigator--Robert Bidinotto's article "Hollywood Canonizes an Ecoterrorist," which appeared on his blog, and also as a brief item on ecoNOT on March 22, 2004, has been reprinted in the May 2004 issue of Navigator, the monthly magazine of The Objectivist Center. Follow the preceding links to see the article online. [Posted 6/28/04]

"Death By Environmentalism"--In this shocking report, appearing in the March 2004 issue of Navigator magazine, publisher Robert Bidinotto reveals and documents the vast global carnage that has stemmed from environmentalist ideas and policies. [Posted 4/1/04]

Environmentalists continue to make war on our nation’s defenders--On November 11, 2003, we reported in an online commentary the many life-threatening impacts that environmentalists were having on our nation’s military readiness. Important new defense systems, such as advanced underwater sonar to detect enemy submarines, have been severely restricted because of environmentalist lawsuits that claim it “might” harm migrating whales. Meanwhile, huge sections of military bases are now off limits to vital, specialized troop training, due to ‘viro legal restrictions aimed at protecting “endangered species” of birds, beasts, toads, and weeds. The latest example of the environmentalists’ war on America’s defenders is taking place at Fort Irwin, an Army base in California. According to an Associated Press story, the Army says it needs to expand the 1,000-square-mile base by 200 square miles, in order to accommodate the faster, more sophisticated tanks and longer-range weapons used by the 4,000 soldiers who train there monthly. However, before it could do so, the Army first had to go hat-in-hand to the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service for its “green” light. Why? Because of environmentalist claims that the expansion would threaten the “critical habitat” of the desert tortoise, and some weed called the “Lane Mountain milk-vetch.” Read Robert Bidinotto's full commentary on this most recent outrage. [Posted 3/28/04]

"Defining deviancy down": the Hollywood Left canonizes an eco-terrorist--Do you ever wonder why terrorism has become so widespread in the world? Consider the crucial role played by terrorism’s "enablers": those intellectual and cultural leaders who act as apologists and excuse-makers for violence and evil. The late Democratic Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan coined a useful term for this phenomenon: “defining deviancy down.” By this he meant that, when a society and its leaders begin to view evil actions sympathetically, as somehow excusable, then it isn’t long before those actions are seen as “normal”--and finally, even as causes for admiration and celebration. Consider, for example, the culturati’s sunny view of Paul Watson, one of the Founding Fathers of modern eco-terrorism. We previously reported on Watson’s anti-human misanthropy, and on his campaign to take over the Sierra Club (click here, then scroll down to the entries about the “Sierra Club” dated January 28 and January 29, 2004). Prompted by the takeover controversy, the Portland Oregonian has published a profile of Watson. It reveals that prominent intellectuals and the Hollywood Left are set to elevate Watson to the status of a cultural hero and icon, with a new film glorifying his violent exploits, and starring Academy Award-winner Sean Penn (typecast?) as the eco-thug. In his latest commentary, ecoNOT publisher Robert Bidinotto's provides the details about this coming ethical atrocity, exposing how our "cultural leaders" have become "terrorist Enablers." [Posted 3/22/04]

Peddling Panic to Parents--Among the ugliest tactics of environmentalist scaremongers is their cold-blooded manipulation of parents’ concerns for the health and safety of their children. Green activists proclaim "threats to children" in virtually every issue they address. In this online column, Robert Bidinotto surveys recent examples, and explores their common aims. [Posted 11/21/03]

The environmentalists finally go potty--In their never-ending quest to sink modern civilization back into the cesspools of primitivism, environmentalists such as Al Gore have identified a new enemy: the flush toilet. Robert Bidinotto explains why this seemingly bizarre choice of targets makes perfect sense, in terms of the environmentalists' outlook--and why the greens strive especially to halt modern sanitation in the Third World. [Posted 11/19/03]

The environmentalists' war on the U. S. military and national security--In Arizona, the Air Force must move or cancel practice bombing runs if antelope are spotted within 5 kilometers of the target area. In Idaho, low-level combat flying missions are prohibited, because the noise might disrupt the mating of elk. And the Navy has been ordered by a federal court to drastically restrict use of its vital new defense sonar, intended for detection of enemy submarines, because it might disturb migrating whales. Read how the environmentalist movement is putting our soldiers and our national security at risk, in this online column by Robert Bidinotto. [Posted 11/12/03]

Earth to California: thank environmentalism for your wildfires--The first spark of the 2003 California fire season actually ignited back in 1988, when its kangaroo rat was declared an "endangered species." Since then, compliance with the federal Endangered Species Act has forced California, and communities across the nation, to develop species and habitat "conservation plans" that severely limit human activities in "protected" areas. "Protected" from everything except wildfires, that is--especially on the vast tracts of government lands and forests in the West. Robert Bidinotto surveys the death and damage--and its ideological causes--in a blistering essay. [Posted 11/7/03]

Bidinotto on American Freedom publisher Robert Bidinotto discussed "Death By Environmentalism" on radio station KHNC near Denver, CO, on Friday, Nov. 7, 2003. The program, hosted by Robby Noel, aired between 7-8 a.m. Mountain time (9-10 a.m. Eastern), and was simultaneously broadcast online at the American Freedom Network Web site. [Posted 11/7/03]

New York Times writer complains that we have "too much food"--Leftists are now complaining that kids are going to school too fat...that we're facing an alleged national "obesity epidemic." In the October 12, 2003 New York Times Magazine, food cop Michael Pollan claims that the source of America's glut of gut isn't lack of self-responsibility, and unwillingness to exercise and eat sensibly. According to palate policeman Pollan, "The underlying problem is agricultural overproduction" which is "another word for way too much food." Robert Bidinotto exposes the meaning of the new green war on food in this essay. [Posted 10/14/03]

WorldNetDaily columnist cites Bidinotto manifesto--In the wake of recent well-publicized animal attacks on people, Ilana Mercer--a popular columnist for WorldNetDaily (one of the Web's most highly trafficked news sources)--wrote an excellent essay, "No Rights for Animals!" Her October 10, 2003 column cited and linked to Robert Bidinotto's manifesto, "Environmentalism or Individualism?," as to why animals do not have rights. [Posted 10/10/03]

Bidinotto on "The Edge"--Robert Bidinotto was interviewed about environmentalism on "The Edge," hosted by John Stokes on KGEZ-AM (600 AM) in Montana, on Thursday, October 2, 2003. The program was also broadcast live on the show's Web site. [Posted 10/2/03]

Let's Make Earth Day a Religious Holiday--In this op-ed, Robert Bidinotto offers a modest proposal: that Earth Day be officially recognized as the national religious holiday it has already unofficially become. [Posted 10/1/03]

Bidinotto joins Center for the Defense of Free Enterprise--Robert Bidinotto, founder and editor of, has accepted an invitation to affiliate with the Center for the Defense of Free Enterprise in the advisory role of Senior Fellow. CDFE is a strong voice for individual liberty, limited government, and private property. It's been at the forefront of research and advocacy organizations combatting the organized environmentalist movement, and its Web site and publications offer a treasure trove of eye-opening information. [Posted 9/27/03]

The environmentalists' deadly war against "Frankenfood"--An essay by Robert Bidinotto, commenting on Jonathan Rauch's outstanding article in the October 2003 Atlantic Monthly. Rauch defends genetically engineered crops, and ponders the greens' attempt to stop a technology which could save millions from famine. [posted 9/25/03]

Boston Globe column quotes, promotes Cathy Young, whose flagship newspaper is the Boston Globe, published on September 22 a wholly positive commentary about, extensively quoting Robert Bidinotto's views on environmentalism. You can read her Globe column by clicking here. The piece also appears at Reason magazine's online Web site. [posted 9/22/03]

Kristof's Choice--and ours--A follow-up to "A Conflict of Values in the Arctic," hyperlinked immediately below (and which should be read first). Robert Bidinotto concludes his comments on a New York Times reporter's philosophically revealing series about oil drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. [posted 9/10/03]

A Conflict of Values in the Arctic--A New York Times reporter visits the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to decide whether we should be drilling for oil there. In doing so, he reveals the basic value conflict that underlies our choices between human values, and the alleged "value" of pristine nature. Robert Bidinotto dissects that conflict. (Bidinotto's follow-up commentary, "Kristof's Choice--and ours," is hyperlinked immediately above this news item.) [posted 9/6/03]


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