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Why ecoNOT?

Most people think of themselves as "environmentalists." But by that term, they mean something far different -- and far more innocent -- than do the most prominent philosophers, founders, and leaders of the modern environmentalist movement.

Typically, the person who calls himself an "environmentalist" is really just a nature-loving "conservationist." Appreciating the earth's natural beauty and bounty, he is understandably concerned about trash, noise, pollution, and poisons. Still, he sees the earth and its bounty as resources -- resources for intelligent human use, development, and enjoyment. At root, then, his concern for the earth is human-centered: he believes that this is our environment, to be used by people to enhance their lives, well-being, and happiness.

But the leaders of the organized environmentalist movement have a very different attitude and agenda.

Their basic premise is that human activities to develop natural resources constitute a desecration of nature -- that, in fact, nature exists for its own sake, not for human use and enjoyment. By their theory of ecology, they see man not as the crowning glory of nature, nor even as just another part of "the web of life" -- but rather as a blight upon the earth, as the enemy of the natural world. And they see man's works as a growing menace to all that exists.

Their basic agenda, therefore, is to stop the "assault" and "onslaught" of human activity: to place every possible impediment to man's further development of the earth and its resources. They pursue this anti-human agenda tirelessly and consistently. Their fanatical activities have led not just to enormously increased financial burdens on us all, but -- demonstrably -- even to the deaths of thousands of men, women, and children worldwide.

And the ugliest aspect of all this is that while causing so much harm, environmentalists posture -- and are generally accepted -- as idealists.

I'm not just talking about so-called "extremists" within the movement: I'm talking about its mainstream organizations, leaders, and spokesmen. Their public faces of moderation mask private attitudes and goals that are radically, irreconcilably opposed to America's legacy of individualism, and to the requirements of human life on earth.

Yes, these claims are startling. But I reached my conclusions only after years of researching environmentalism's ideas and icons, and closely investigating the movement's history and activities. That's a task few people have the time or inclination to do.

Critics of environmentalism are in the minority today, and I certainly don't expect to be taken on faith. Instead, regular visitors here will discover that ecoNOT.com offers chapter-and-verse proof to demonstrate the validity of these disturbing contentions.

Just as important, it offers a philosophical alternative to environmentalism -- not just "anti-environmentalism," but an alternative rooted in principled individualism.

My argument -- unlike that of other critics and opponents of environmentalism -- isn't merely that environmentalism rests on shoddy economic thinking, or "junk science." My argument is that it rests on junk philosophy.

My anti-environmentalism, then, is rooted fundamentally in morality -- and specifically, in the supreme moral value of individual human life and human well-being on earth.

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"Death By Environmentalism"--In this shocking report in the March 2004 issue of Navigator magazine, Robert Bidinotto, one of the leading critics of environmentalism, documents how environmentalist ideas and policies have led to staggering human carnage.

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For information on Robert Bidinotto's availability for speeches and media interviews, write: contact(at)ecoNOT(dot)com

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The Death of the Environmentalist Movement? -- New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof complained that the environmentalist movement has lost credibility and influence due to "extremism." But in this essay, ecoNOT's exponent of anti-environmentalism, Robert Bidinotto, disagrees, and instead places the blame directly on the core premises of the environmentalist philosophy.

In the last essay published before his death, veteran forest manager and critic of environmentalism Charles E. Tomlinson shows "How Private Ownership Saved the Southern Forest."

A December 22 news story extensively quotes ecoNOT's Robert Bidinotto, who blasts the Rainforest Action Network for "shamelessly manipulating children" in its anti-corporate propaganda campaigns.

ecoNOT publisher Robert Bidinotto is quoted by CNSNews.com, revealing how the Bush administration is dramatically--and ironically--increasing the flow of taxpayer dollars to partisan environmentalist groups that are working to defeat him in November. The story has been picked up by NewsMax.com and others.

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"The Great Global Warming Swindle": THIS is the documentary about "global warming" that should have won the Oscar. This sensational program, produced and shown on British television's Channel 4, has been taking the internet by storm. It is perhaps the most thorough demolition of the junk science underpinning "global warming" hysteria -- and the junk ethics underpinning environmentalism -- that I've had the pleasure of encountering. Don't take my word for it; click here to watch online. If this link no longer works, try here.


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